Selected Clients and Projects

New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, Low-Income Weatherization Program.
Wrote New Hampshire Weatherization Standards, March 2005.
Training for ASHRAE 62.2 ventialtion standard, 2014.
Editing of New Hampshire WAP Field Guide, 2014 - 2015.

Vermont Home Weatherization Assistance Program (VT OEO), Vermont
Primary author of Vermont Weatherization Policies and Procedures Manual, 2015.
Training low-income weatherization energy auditors, 2014.

Arkansas Low-Income Weatherization Program
Training for ASHRAE 62.2 ventialtion standard, 2014.

Elliott Management Consultants, Bozeman, Montana
Variety of work including, curriculum development, training, technical writing, 2010 - 2014.

Oklahoma Low-Income Weatherization Program
Training for ASHRAE 62.2 ventialtion standard, 2012.

Colorado Low-Income Weatherization Program
Training for ASHRAE 62.2 ventialtion standard, 2012.

South Dakota Low-Income Weatherization Program
Training for ASHRAE 62.2 ventialtion standard, 2012.

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin
Training for low-income weatherization program, curriculum development, software programming, 2006 - present.

Louisiana Association of Community Action Partnerships (LACAP)

Wrote Louisiana Weatherization Standards, 2011 - 2012.

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
Wrote New Mexico Energy$mart Technical Standards for low-income weatherization program, 2011 - 2012.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado
Member of consulting/review team for DOE's Standard Work Specifications for retrofit programs, 2011.

North Carolina Weatherization Program
Wrote first draft of North Carolina Weatherization Standards, 2009 - 2010.
Training at various State Weatherization Conferences.

Alabama Weatherization Association, Daphne, Alabama
Wrote the Alabama Weatherization Standards for their low-income weatherization program, 2008 - 2009.

West Virginia Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity, Charleston, WV
Wrote the West Virginia Weatherization Standards for their low-income weatherization program, 2008 - 2009 and 2011 - 2012.

Efficiency Maine, a division of the Maine Public Utilities Commission
Partnered with Performance Systems Development of Ithaca, NY to manage the Maine Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (three-year pilot program started in 2006).

U.S. Department of Energy Northeast Regional Office, Boston, Massachusetts
One-on-One On-Site (O4S) Training Project for the Low-Income Weatherization Program, Phase 1 (2002 - 2003) and Phase 2 (2004 - 2005).

U.S. Department of Energy Midwest Regional Office, Chicago, Illinois
Wrote Midwest Weatherization Best Practices Field Guide with Paul Knight of Domas Plus, July 2005.
Wrote Proposed Field Protocol for Gas Range Carbon Monoxide Emissions Testing, July 2001.
Wrote Survey of Tightness Limits for Residential Buildings, July 2001.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Boston, Massachusetts
Wrote, illustrated, and published Specification of Energy Efficient Installation and Maintenance Practices for Residential HVAC Systems, along with a supporting white paper. Joint venture with Saturn Resource Management, Inc., 2000.

Ohio Department of Development, Office of Energy Efficiency, Columbus, Ohio
Home Weatherization Assistance Program and Residential Training Initiatives Evaluation with Quantec, LLC. R.J. Karg Associates headed the evaluation of the low-income weatherization training program while serving as a subcontractor to Quantec, LLC., 2005 - 2006.

Maine State Housing Authority, Augusta, Maine
Wrote Maine Weatherization Standards, 2004 - 2005 and 2010 - 2012, 2013.
Supervise Senior Auditor Certification for U.S. Department of Energy Low-Income Weatherization Program.

North Dakota Department of Commerce, Division of Community Services, Bismarck, North Dakota
Wrote North Dakota Weatherization Field Standards, January 2003.

Maine State Planning Office, Augusta, Maine
Wrote Maine Residential Energy Standard, 2001 and Economic Analysis for Maine Residential Energy Standard, 2002.

Maine Public Utilities Commission, Maine State Energy Program, Augusta, Maine
Technical training.
Edited last three editions of Manual of Accepted Practices, a companion guide to the Maine residential energy standard, 1997, 2002, 2006.

PECO Energy Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Technical training and marketing research.

Niagara Mohawk Power Company, Syracuse, New York
Technical training and writing of technical newsletter for natural gas division.

New York State Electric and Gas Company, Binghamton, New York
Technical training.

Central Maine Power Company, August, Maine
Technical training and marketing research.

UGI Utilities, Reading, Pennsylvania
Technical training.

Maine Office of Energy Resources, Augusta, Maine
Technical training.
Project Leader for revision of Maine State Energy Standards, 1986.
Wrote Indoor Air Quality and Your Health for distribution within the state, 1988.


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